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Trash valet service revolutionizes the way we maintain living spaces, ensuring cleanliness and maximizing revenue for properties. With our seamless and convenient waste management solution, residents and businesses can enjoy pristine environments while property managers benefit from increased profits.

Our dedicated valet team provides a hassle-free experience for residents, handling trash collection directly at their doorstep. This reduces the risk of overflowing bins, prevents pests, and keeps unpleasant odors at bay.

A clean and well-maintained property attracts more residents and tenants, leading to higher occupancy rates and greater tenant satisfaction. 

Our profit-sharing model sets us apart. We understand the importance of a mutually beneficial partnership, which is why property management receives a portion of the revenue generated through our services. By sharing profits, we create a powerful incentive for property managers to prioritize cleanliness, contributing to higher revenue and a more prosperous community.


Tenants put their garbage and recyclables in designated waste containers provided for them

Recycling Bins


On preset collection days, residents will receive a courtesy text reminder from our automated trash concierge software. Residents place bins outside their door.

Apartment Complex


Our friendly uniformed Trash Concierge will come by to take the trash to onsite trash dumpsters. 

Green Trash Bag
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